50 minute FOG photowalk with FUJI X-E1

Hey! Thank you for visiting my new blog. I don’t have any experiences as a blogger, but I will do my best to make a visit at my page worth it. So today I want to share with you some Pictures of today’s early morning photowalk in Seefeld. I got up at 6am, packed up my photo stuff and went to Seefeld. Why so early? because I wanted to take some Fog-Photos. I know that you cannot plan where and when fog is appearing but I thought that at the time the chance is much bigger than after sunrise. So I was there at about 7am but no fog in sight. I’ve been driving through a big fog-“cloud” on my way to Seefeld and so I thought it would be a good idea to determine in which direction the wind is blowing. I was lucky because the wind blew the fog directly to the place where I was waiting. So everything went to plan and I started my walk.

Here is a small map so that you can “follow” me more easily.

The “X” marks the parking area. the circles are some places where I took photos.


So now that you are able to kind of visualise my walk, I will just comment the pictures with one or two sentences. Enjoy

dscf2711-als-smartobjekt-1_smallerColour flow with reed and fogtreefog_smallerminimalist picture of a tree and a fence on a small hillbergspitze_smallerGlad that the clouds have opened a small window so that I could see the sunrise touching the mountain top.rehfamily_smallerA deer family hiding in the fogcabininthewoods_smallerAt the golf course this cabin and the small lake made up a perfect atmosphere for a creepy photowood_panorama_smallerthe fog then cleared away and I’ve taken a picture of the opposite lakeside before I went back to the car.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the picures

See you soon 🙂


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