STREET #Nr.1 Innsbruck

The last two weeks didn’t have time to plan a photoshooting. So I had to find another way to take some photos. The best way to do that was doing some short and spontaneous photowalks. I’ve never done something like that but I wanted to give it a try. I thought, that without proper planning, I wouldn’t be able to capture interesting things, but now I am very happy that I’ve tried out that kind of photography.

So these are the results of my first attempt to do Street Photography. Maybe you also get inspired.

water_smallerriver – INN
tree_graffiti_smallertree graffitidoor_smallerold doorgraffitti_bauunddesign_smallermodern graffiti
halfplant_smallerdeath – life
baustelle_smallerconstruction sitezukunft_smalleradvertisement saying “future.”autobahn_sonnenaufgang_smalleron the road at sunrisehirtin_smallersprayart
killyourself_smallerstreet quote1
leitungen_smallerat the train station

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. This was Street Session #1 – definitely more to come



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